7 selfish habits that can ruin your relationship

Relationships should be built on empathy and kindness towards the person you are in it with. Nothing makes a relationship more lopsided than selfishly fixed attitudes.
We are humans, we deserve things for ourselves every now and then, but we tend to be self-indulgent at some point in our lives, mainly when we want something badly.
Nonetheless, there comes a time where we exceed the limit of our boundaries and become too self-centered, and when these selfish habits become a persistent occurrence in a relationship, it’s doubtlessly time to take note of them and stop them.
These are some of the selfish habits that can ruin your relationship:
1. Holding a grudge
Conflicts are bound to arise in every relationship, but the way and manner we resolve this conflicts matter a lot. When conflict surface, it should be discussed, apologies should be made, and everything should go back to the way they were between couples.
2. Putting you needs before your partners
Dominating a relationship with your needs and wants burdens your partner with loads of expectations. Putting your needs first can cause significant pain and hurt for your partner. Denying the feelings of your partner and having trouble believing that their needs and wants may not be the same as yours is unacceptable in a healthy relationship.
3. Being inconsiderate
If you do things without considering what your partner might feel, or don’t pay attention to his or her feeling as long as you get what you want; you need to stop, take a moment and reevaluate things. Taking your partner’s feelings and throwing them aside can ruin your relationship. It only proves that you don’t consider their goals or thoughts and only want what you think is best. Being so inconsiderate will only make them resent you in the end.
4. Being too rigid
Relationships usually are all about compromise, you can’t have a healthy relationship if you always come off as been rigid; not flexible to change or compromise. Having an open mind about what your partner wants is very vital, so you don’t seem selfish and inflexible.
5. Not consulting your partner before making a decision
When you believe you know what’s best for you and your partner without talking to them first, then you are doing something wrong. Your partner’s opinion should always matter to you; shun the urge of having things done your way or having to control every aspect of everything that happens in your partner’s life.
6. You don’t apologize when wrong
Always blaming the person, you are in a relationship with during an argument can destroy their trust in you, as well as their confidence. One way to kill a relationship fast is by never admitting that you are wrong or feel remorseful even when you know you are wrong. You make your partner feel bad when you don’t own up to your mistakes. .
7. You nag constantly
Displeasing situations presents itself all the time, but when dealing with the one, you love you should learn to handle such situations responsibly without nagging. Nagging constantly when you don’t get what you want is a terrible habit that can be very frustrating and irritating to your partner.
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Updated: May 31, 2021 — 8:22 am