DOWNLOAD Mini Album: Various Artists – Morning Dew 50th Anniversary Tribute to Kim Min-Gi Vol.1 (Zip) Zip Download

Various Artists – 아침이슬 50년, 김민기에 헌정하다 Vol.1
Release Date: 2021.06.06
Genre: Folk
Language: Koreans
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps
Track List:
01. 봉우리 The Peak
02. 아름다운 사람 A Beautiful Human Being
03. 늙은 군인의 노래 Song of an Old Soldier
04. 교대(‘공장의 불빛’ 중에서) Shift Change in ‘Light of a Factory’
05. 철망 앞에서 Facing the Barbed Wire Fence